Integrated Drug Discovery Services - IDDS

From hits finding to pre-clinical candidates within 2 to 3 years

Outsourcing drug discovery

It represents a cost-effective opportunity to access specialized technologies and expert scientist resources having a broad knowledge of pharmaceutical drug discovery development. When it comes to outsourcing your projects, quality, innovation, time and agility are key components as you are seeking to build a trusted and long-term relationship.

Oncodesign designs and coordinates the implementation of high-quality programs under the best R&D standards of pharmaceutical companies, in Oncology, immuno-Oncology, Immuno-Inflammation and Inflammation.

Oncodesign’s integrated drug discovery engine for precision medicine

For the past 25 years, Oncodesign has been building an integrated drug discovery engine for precision medicine based on its proprietary research along with research conducted under partnerships. The quality of our research is demonstrated by our current pipeline of kinase inhibitors and successful track record. Our current RIPK2 program is uniquely positioned to become a first in class drug supported by a strong and unique pharmacological proof of concept package in Inflammation diseases. Being able to initiate an early partnership at a lead optimization phase such as LRRK2 on Parkinson’s disease, has been only possible thanks to the quality of the lead demonstrated across its potency, selectivity, drug like properties and a robust pharmacological proof of concept. The very same pharmaceutical mindset applies to external discovery projects carried out on behalf of our clients.

To provide our customers with the best possible options along with the most recent cutting edge technologies

Building value to a discovery program relies on innovation. Oncodesign objective relative to Hits finding and validation is to provide our customers with the best possible options and most recent cutting edge technologies to initiate the discovery program with high quality hits translating in faster and robust hit and lead optimization. We are doing so by setting up partnership with selected and trusted companies sharing the same values of innovation and quality as we do. Across strategic alliances, Oncodesign is providing, DNA encoded libraries, fragments and ASMS screening along with Hit validation using NanoDSF, MST, SPR, ITC and Structural Biology (Cryo-EM and X-Ray crystallography) to support structure-based drug design (SBDD). Recognized for its pharmacological expertise, Oncodesign is using or developing on demand novel rodent pathological models across a very broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, close to patients rather than artificial including extremely innovative humanized murine models to study and demonstrate in vivo efficacy and tolerance. Our multi-modal imaging capacity, is uniquely supporting pharmacology to demonstrate activity, target engagement in a program and orient drug candidates towards patients as effectively as possible.

Aiming to deliver candidate within 2-3 years

The drug discovery process is faced with a growing pressure to deliver under reduced timeline. By using the cutting edge hit finding technologies with our medicinal chemistry expertise driven by rational structural based drug design and physicochemical properties, you will benefit of rapid optimization and development cycles from hit finding, hit to lead and drug candidate within 2-3 years. Following the definition of the Candidate Drug Target Profile with the client, Oncodesign is engaging the Hit to Pre-Clinical Candidate process in a Multi-Parameters optimization mode and Immediate Processing fashion with Just in time testing of the newly synthesized compounds. This synergistic combination of in-house expertise, collaborative mindset with real time exchange of results allows rapid iteration cycles between medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo Pharmacology and DMPK. Under this model, all intellectual properties generated during the course of the project belong to our clients.

Thanks to agile approach & seasoned staff

Because the drug discovery process is in constant evolution dictated by the results generated, it required an agile approach. Oncodesign is carrying out all early discovery activities on one site for flexibility and rapidity with a complete integration of medicinal chemistry, modelling & DMPK helping to progress rapidly towards high-quality drug candidates. Oncodesign’s research teams are multidisciplinary and seasoned management staff with numerous successes and remarkable accomplishments to their name.

Setting a close relationship: listening, understanding delivering

By listening our client’s needs, understanding their goals and Target Product Profile, together, we define a candidate drug target profile setting the key milestones to achieve in terms of activity, selectivity, pharmacological profile and toxicity within a define frame time. A dedicated project leader at Oncodesign is following close interaction with our client and managing all reporting of the project upon agreed format and frequency.

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