Oncodesign strengthens its fully Integrated Drug Discovery Service (IDDS) after setting up strategic alliances with partners of complementary expertise

Oncodesign strengthens its fully Integrated Drug Discovery Service (IDDS)  with strategic partners


IDDS becomes DRIVE...... What is it?

DRIVE™ (DRug Integrative discoVEry):
an integrated drug discovery & development solution from hit finding to IND filing.

The drug discovery process is faced with a growing pressure to deliver novel therapeutic agents faster and with a potential for a lower attrition in the clinic, to treat diseases with high unmet medical needs
For the past 25 years, Oncodesign has been building an integrated drug discovery engine for precision medicine enabling to orient, drive the discovery and deliver pre-clinical candidates successfully.

DRIVE™ is part of our continuous improvement in the integrated drug discovery support. It gives access to a comprehensive continuum of technological platforms together with our strategic partners’ complementary expertise. DRIVE™ is a smart and agile solution to help clients streamline their drug discovery and development programs and to make best use of their resources and achieve optimum results.

DRIVE™ offers a complete drug discovery and development solution through the whole value chain from hit finding to IND filing, aiming to accelerate the entry of the client new chemical entities into clinic within a 3 to 4 years timeframe to deliver an IND..

DRIVE premium solution timeline

Our distinctiveness comes from our expertise in the breadth & depth of innovative service

The quality of the starting hits impact the future likelihood of success to Pre-clinical candidate.

In this respect, Oncodesign and HitGen have built up a joint value proposition where HitGen applies its powerful DNA Encoded Library (DEL) technology platform and its large collection of diverse and drug-like DELs to find new chemical and tractable hits. A common optimal control and execution of the complementary capabilities enable clients to leverage the benefits of Oncodesign’s drug discovery expertise and HitGen’s technology platform to generate faster and more robust leads up to the preclinical drugs.

Additionally, clients seek for rapid optimization and development cycles from hit finding, hit to lead and drug candidates.

Oncodesign, is engaging the hit to pre- clinical candidate process in a multiparametric optimization mode and with streamlined testing of the newly synthesized compounds. This synergistic combination of in-house expertise, collaborative mindset with a real time exchange of results allows rapid iteration between medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and DMPK.

IDDS becomes DRIVE

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What can our clients expect from Oncodesign’s DRIVE™?

Oncodesign recognizes it is a significant investment for clients to select and access specialized technologies and expert scientist resources with an extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. When it comes to outsource client projects, quality, innovation, time and agility are key components for clients seeking to build a trusted and long-term relationship.

Helping our clients identify new approaches and anticipate tomorrow’s challenge

Oncodesign is a vector for therapeutic innovation to help our clients identify new approaches and anticipate tomorrow’s challenge.

We investigated and established the preclinical proof-of concept of a multitude of therapeutic approaches and products, representing more than 5000 advanced preclinical or clinical assets ranging from small molecules and biological entities as well as new therapeutic solutions.

Based on its recognized pharmacological platforms, Predict®, Xmice® and Pharmimage®; Oncodesign advises on, and develops, fit-for-purpose and disease relevant in vitro and in vivo pharmacological models. These include sophisticated humanized models and several translational pharmaco-imaging modalities, to elucidate target engagement, mechanism of action, PK/PD, and therapeutic efficacy investigations, particularly in the therapeutic fields of oncology and autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

A strong track record

Oncodesign’s multidisciplinary research teams and our seasoned management staff have had true accomplishments in drug discovery, having delivered more than 20 pre-clinical candidates to clients, partners and internally. A significant number of pre-clinical candidates, including first-in-class, have already progressed into clinical trials

Besides, we have been serving more than 800 clients amongst pharmaceutical, biotech and life-science companies around the world to assess numerous treatment options in preclinical proof-of-concept studies across major therapeutic areas.

We also take pride in the trust and fidelity of our clients proven by long-term agreements and sustained repeat business.

Mutual understanding & customized project management

We first listen to and understand clients’ requirements to design tailored drug discovery and development programs. Together, we establish the candidate drug target profile and set key milestones to reach endpoints for activity, selectivity, pharmacological profile and toxicity, within a defined frame time.

To allow our client to take informed and on-time decisions, we implement both steering committees to align common next steps and a program management to insure constructive and regular discussions.

Mutual undertanding communication drug discovery process

A collaborative mindset from a team with mix of backgrounds, experiences & skills

For Oncodesign "we must succeed together". This motto expresses the creation of value arising from reciprocity, that is to say balanced, and transparent exchanges at all levels, with our partners, our clients.

We acknowledge the diversity of our clients’ cultures and needs. However, all clients seek Oncodesign’s team ability to design and perform drug discovery and development program encompass highest pharmaceutical standard to deliver robust data and products. Oncodesign combines a biotechnology mindset to seek for all fast track pathways along with a sense of service to deliver and communicate on purpose.

Our management, scientific and business development teams include a mix of origin, experiences and skills. This diversity is a valuable asset to Oncodesign, allowing us to understand each unique client and to drive discovery programs knowing that no two projects will ever be the same.

Collaborative mindset

I'm dying to know more about your reinforced IDDS offering DRIVETM

Our expert teams are available to discuss your projects to find the best of our options to accelerate your drug discovery phases.