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IO SUMMIT London 2019

Poster – Oncodesign

We are very pleased to share our expertise in the Development of Pre-Clinical Assays to Support Drug Discovery Programs in Immuno-Oncology.

Find below the abstract that depicts our solution in immuno-oncology.


Development of Pre-clinical Assays to support drug discovery programs in Immuno-Oncology

AuthorsV. Blancheteau1, C. Mignard1, D. Grillot1, V. Sart1, M. Vuibert1, A. Pinet1, G. Serin1, J-F. Mirjolet1, J. Caradec1
1Oncodesign, Dijon, France

The use of immunotherapies in oncology has drastically changed the way of treating cancer, providing innovative and efficient therapeutic solutions to patients in medical needs. As a consequence, tremendous R&D efforts are done in immuno-oncology to discover new targets and develop new drugs. In that context, the use of relevant and robust assays to predict therapeutic efficiencies has become a key for drug discovery programs.

We have gathered our experience and scientific expertise in immune-oncology to develop and provide solutions to support your drug discovery projects in immune-oncology, from hit identification to candidate selection, on a stand-alone basis or through integrated drug discovery solutions.

Based on human immune material for in vitro/ex vivo phenotypic assays and on advanced preclinical models – syngeneic or humanized - for in vivo assays, our scientists help you to assess your compound efficiency in routine or customized assays in order to provide the most relevant biological environment.

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