[Press Release] Oncodesign announces a 33% revenue increase in 2019 and the achievement of financial breakeven one year ahead of schedule



[Press Release] Oncodesign announces the selection of its First-in-Class RIPK2 inhibitor drug candidate for auto-immune and inflammatory diseases



[Congress] FOP Drug Development Forum (DDF) - 13-14 November - Orlando, FL - USA

photo [Congress] FOP Drug Development Forum (DDF) - 13-14 November - Orlando, FL - USA 

Oncodesign has been working for several years on its proprietary platform Nanocyclix® giving access to highly potent and selective kinase inhibitors and with intrinsic drug-like properties.. Through research activities conducted since 2014, Oncodesign has identified ALK2 kinase inhibitors demonstrating significant activity in phenotypic cellular tests related to FOP pathology. This work has been conducted in collaboration with world-renowned research institutes in the field.

Join Drug Development Forum (DDF) in Orlando to meet scientist leaders in FOP. Indeed, with 3 active FOP clinical trials, & an abundance of ongoing preclinical and basic research, this year’s DDF is not to be missed.

Benefit from this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge in rare disease. You will also be able to meet our CSO, Jan Hoflack, who will be presenting promising results on ALK2 inhibitors.

Identification of Potent & Selective Nanocyclix-based ALK2 inhibitors for use as potential FOP therapeutics
 13-14 November
 all day long

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[Congress] J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference & Biotech Showcase – 13-16 January – San Francisco

Congress J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Biotech Showcase 13 16 January San Francisco

A unique added value meeting to feature our R&D expertise

Looking for industrial partners for our First-in-Class RIPK2 inhibitor drug candidate

Discovered & selected through Oncodesign's proprietary technology platform, ODS-101 is a highly potent and selective inhibitor of the kinase RIPK2 (Receptor Interacting Protein Kinase 2), an essential enzyme of the innate immune system. RIPK2 is a key component in the activation of the NOD (Nucleotide-binding Oligomerization Domain proteins) signaling pathway that plays a pivotal role in the defense mechanism against bacterial infections. In humans, deregulated NOD signaling has been linked to multiple auto-immune and inflammatory conditions, including Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Blau syndrome and early onset sarcoidosis. Additional potential indications for inhibitory compounds of a deregulated RIPK2/NOD system include rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, amongst others. The discovery of ODS-101 will allow Oncodesign to explore these different potential indications in deeper detail.

As a First-in-Class agent, there is still a lot to be discovered about additional indications for our RIPK2 inhibitor. Extensive studies are ongoing to understand the full scope of this innovative approach: ODS-101 has the potential to be a therapeutic breakthrough addressing many disease indications with remaining unmet need for patients. The identification of our first RIPK2 drug candidate is the result of extensive research in our labs since 2010, and I would like to thank all contributors to this program. We are all looking forward to the advancement of ODS101 towards IND declaration in 2021 for a potential first administration in men the same year. In addition to the ongoing studies, we will now intensify the search for a first-rate partner to help us develop the full potential of our drug candidate.” explained Dr. Jan Hoflack, CSO at Oncodesign.

Dr. Jan Hoflack & Dr Fabrice Viviani, Head of the Experimentation Division will attend the J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conferences. Get in touch directly to fix a meeting.

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Are you looking for an innovative company that guides you in the development of your molecule from the early stages?

We propose our Research and Development expertise in small molecules drug discovery for any company to outsource new drug candidate generation by providing Integrated Drug Discovery Services including:

Fabrice Viviani, Head of the Experimentation Division, & Director of the Oncodesign R&D Center in the Paris Saclay Biotech cluster will attend #BiotechShowcase. He will be pleased to introduce our technology platforms supporting translational research from the early stages of the #DrugDiscovery process - a real driver of innovation, acceleration & success for your molecule.

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