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[Abstract] Novel holistic & integrative approach of drug discovery & development using PDX models against cancer

Olivier Duchamp - Oncodesign, Dijon, France

Many progress has been made in understanding the mechanism of cancer diseases and in the development of innovative therapeutic agents, but the attrition rates between target discovery and drug marketing approval remains very high, especially in oncology. We hypothesized that one of the main reasons underlying this undesirable statistics is believed to be the lack of predictive power of the model systems used in the preclinical setting. Tumor heterogeneity is a challenge in cancer research and drug development, and we know that cancer cell lines does not offer a comprehensive view of a tumor and its microenvironment. It is now demonstrated that patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cancer models clearly represent a better situation of the human cancer pathologies. In this presentation, we will discuss how in vivo PDX and PDX-derived models should be incorporated into all stages of drug discovery process, from target to clinical development.