2012 - Characterization of a Large Panel of Patient-derived Tumor Xenografts Representing the Clinical Heterogeneity of Human Colorectal Cancer

Sylvia Julien, Ana Merino-Trigo, Ludovic Lacroix, Marc Pocard, Diane Goere, Pascale Mariani, Sophie Landron, Ludovic Bigot, Fariba Nemati, Peggy Cuilliere-Dartigues, Louis-Bastien Weiswald, Denis Lantuas, Loic Morgand, Emmanuel Pham, Patrick Gonin, Virginie Dangles-Marie, Bastien Job, Philippe Dessen, Alain Bruno, Alain Pierre, Hugues De The, Hany Soliman, Manoel Nunes, Guillaume Lardier, Loreley Calvet, Brigitte Demers, Gregoire Prevost, Patricia Vrignaud, Sergio Roman-Roman, Olivier Duchamp, and Cyril Berthet 

Clinical Cancer Research


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