2001 - Antitumor activity study of Vinflunine against a human small cell lung tumor xenografted in Nude rats

F. Bichata, D. Francea, O. Duchampa, P. Auvraya, B. Hillb, M. Vincentic,

N. Gyselinckcand P. Gennea
aOncodesign, bCentre de Recherche Pierre Fabre, cLaboratoires Pierre Fabre Oncologie


2000 - Antitumor activity study of oxaliplatin combined with epinephrine after intraperitoneal or intratumoral administration on advanced peritoneal carcinomatosis or subcutaneous tumor from rat colon cancers in BDIX rats

P. Gennea, F. Bichata, V. Chiesaa, G. Griffon-Etienneb, M. Bayssasb, J.L. Beltramoc, C. Duvillardc

aOncodesign, bDEBIOPHARM, cHospital of Dijon