Integrated Drug Discovery Services - IDDS

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For over 20 years now, Oncodesign has been building an integrated drug discovery engine for precision medicine based on its proprietary research along with research conducted under partnerships. This unique innovation model based on the circularization of activities and technologies is what gives the integrated drug discovery service (IDDS) its power.

Oncodesign’s research teams are multidisciplinary and seasoned staff with numerous successes and remarkable accomplishments to their name. These include the discovery of tadalafil (Cialis®), a treatment for erectile dysfunction, discovery of the first human-administered bromodomain inhibitor in oncology, 12 compounds in phase I and II trials and over 20 drug candidates developed for a variety of cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory disorders.

By using Oncodesign’s integrated drug discovery engine, you will benefit from rapid optimization and development cycles from hit to lead and from lead to candidate within a period of less than three years, guided by:

  • A cutting-edge medicinal chemistry-based approach predicated on rational design and physicochemical properties. This complete integration of chemistry and the DMPK helps us to progress rapidly towards high-quality drug candidates
  • Our medicinal chemistry capacity: hit to lead and lead to candidate (oral, injectable, topical) optimization, macrocyclization and Nanocyclix drug-based design to enhance the selectivity and power of leads and medicinal chemistry of boron,
  • Our ability to use and develop the most relevant functional biochemical, cellular, phenotypic and pharmacological tests to study the validation of targets, mechanism of action and SAR
  • Our ability to use ADME and animal PK, PK/PD and DMPK modelling to support pharmacology and toxicology
  • Our ability to use rodent pathological models across a very broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, close to patients rather than artificial, and extremely innovative humanized murine models to study and demonstrate in vivo efficacy and tolerance
  • Our multi-modal imaging capacity, a unique opportunity to demonstrate rapidly pharmacological activity, target engagement in a program and orient drug candidates towards patients as effectively as possible.

Oncodesign designs and coordinates the implementation of high-quality programs in an environment commensurate with the R&D standards of pharmaceutical companies, in immuno-oncology, immuno-inflammation, skin diseases, metabolic disorders, infectious diseases and central nervous system diseases.

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