2006 - Development of drug-conjugated monoclonal antibodies against MUC16 for treatment of epithelial ovarian cancers

Y. Chena, S. Clarka, S. Rossa, T. Wonga, Y. Chena, M. Dennisa, H. Koeppena, P. Senterb, P. Polakisa, B. Malleta

aGenentech, bSeattle Genetics


2006 - Assessment of the anti-vascular activity of MN-029 in Calu-6 human lung tumors using DCE-MRI and FLOOD MRI

N. Justa, N. Guilbauda, P. Gennea and K. Lockeb

aOncodesign, bMediciNova Inc.


2006 - Comparison of 6 experimental models of brain tumors : morphological and vascular characteristics

M. Ganditb, N. Justa, B. van der Sandenb, O. Duchampa, H. Lahrechb,

N. Guilbauda, P. Gennea and C. Rémyb aOncodesign, bINSERM U594


2006 - Biological characterization and non invasive PET imaging explorations of lymphatic dissemination in a human melanoma xenograft model

O. Duchampa, R. Boisgardb, B. Tavitianb, P. Gennea and N. Guilbauda

aOncodesign, bINSERM/CEA/SHFJ