2010 - Development of a fully human immune system in NOD/SCID/ IL2Rgamma (NSG) mice for oncology research purpose

J.F. Mirjoleta, M. Hillairet de Boisferona, F. Bichata, C. Fagesb and R. Matyasb

aOncodesign, bsanofi-aventis


2010 - PK and antitumor activity of DEBIO 0507, a new platine derivative, in preclinical tumor models

C. Mignarda, V. Baria, F. Bichata, L. Cicurelb, G. Vuagniauxb and M. Barbierb

aOncodesign, bDebiopharm


2010 - The dual selective VEGFR-FGFR kinases inhibitor E-3810 decreases tumor perfusion and inhibits tumor growth: an analyis using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

F. Bichata, X. Tizona, P. Proventa, V. Baria, R. Ceredab, G. Camboniband E. Cavallettib

aOncodesign, bE.O.S.


2010 - In vivo study of serum cancer biomarkers and pain-induced bone metastasis of human prostate tumor in Nude rats

C. Mignarda, O. Duchampa, F. Bichata, S. Gregoireb,c, Y. Darbakyb and D. Ardidc

aOncodesign, bANS Biotech, CINSERM U766