2012 - PDX to correlate pathways abnormalities with response to anti-EGFR therapy

M. Nunesc, P. Dessena, L. Blotc, L. Bigota, B. Demersc, V. Dangles-Marieb, C.Berthetd, P. Vrignaudc, S. Roman Romanb, and L. Lacroixa  

aInstitut Gustave Roussy, bInstitut Curie, csanofi Oncology, dOncodesign.


2012 - Characterization of CIEA NOG® mice reconstituted with human CD34+ stem cells (HSCs) or mature PBMCs

C. Mignarda, J.F. Mirjoleta, H. Kisselb, F. Bichata, and O. Duchampa 

aOncodesign, bTaconic


2012 - Preclinical Evaluation of Indium 111 Radiololabeled Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab for HER2-positive Breast Cancer Molecular Imaging

A. Oudot, B. Collin, O. Raguin, M. Moreau, J.M. Vrigneaud, O. Duchamp, N. Varoqueaux, F. Denat, F. Brunotte and P. Fumoleau


2012 - Measurement of tumor vascular integrity changes in an orthotopic glioma model in rats induced by antiangiogenic treatment using DCE-MRI

P. Proventa, M. Hillairet de Boisferona, Z. Kooba, F. Bichata and X. Tizona  



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