EORTC 2013 - In vivo ADCC-Mediated Antitumor Activity Study with New Preclinical Humanized Models

C. Mignarda,O.Duchampa, J.F.Mirjoleta, Y.Ohnishib, I.Katanoc, M.ITOc  

aOncodesign, bIn Vivo Sciences, bCIEA


AACR 2013 - Use of Humanized NOG Mice within the Pre-Clinical Development of New Human Specific Therapies

C. Mignarda, J.M. Mirjoleta, H. Kisselb, F. Bichata and O. Duchampa 

aOncodesign, bTaconic.


AACR 2013 - Establishment and Characterization of Human Skingraft Model in Immunodeficient Mice

G. Serina, L. Morganda, M. Leblanca, F. Bichata  Oncodesign.


AACR 2013 - Development Program of Patient Tumor Tissue Bank to Support the Drug and Target Discovery

M. Hillairet de Boisferona, F. Bichata, C. Mignarda, L. Morganda, L. Blotb, C. Venotb, A. Merino-Trigob, and P. Vrignaudb 

aOncodesign, bSanofi


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