Oncodesign proposes in vivo & in vitro comprehensive platform for immuno-oncology 

Large range of Rodent models available

Translational human reconstituted immune system in cancer models

Our human CDX & PDX platforms (Chi-Mice® & Predict®) are an extremely powerful tool for testing your novel immunotherapeutic alone or in combination.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors

In-vitro / in-vivo pharmacology of immune checkpoint inhibitors

Get access to our human bank of tumor cell lines & all human immune cells dedicated to investigate mechanism of action of immunotherapies (Predict®). They are coupled to a large collection of syngeneic mouse & rat tumor models characterized with immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting CTLA-4, PD-1, PD-L & other inhibitor targets.

Translational biomarkers

Translational cancer biomarkers

Our advanced knowledge & experience enable us to support you to identify early-stage biomarkers (cellular biomarkers), related analysis, & their ongoing use during your drug candidate’s development phases.